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  • Oled investment warming 2018 is a turning point for flexible

    The world's largest LCD panel suppliers LGDisplay (hereinafter referred to as LGD) will invest more than 10 million won building 9 generation OLED panel production line, plans to begin production in 2018, in large size and flexible OLED panel set up l...

    Release time:2018-06-29 Browse times:138

    Key technology of uv - led curing and its development direct

    Uv-led curing technology is derived from UV curing technology, which mainly involves two parts: the curing light source at 395nm and the new material system which can be cured at 539nm. In light curing equipment, the development of uv-led light source...

    Release time:2018-06-29 Browse times:155

    Oled industry erupts soon

    OLED technology performance is superior, is the most promising new display technology. As OLED is widely used in smartphones, TVS, computers, tablets, wearable devices and VR, the OLED market will continue to grow. Apple's mobile phone USES an OLED sc...

    Release time:2018-06-29 Browse times:175

    Ito conductive film VSI to glass who is the pioneer in touch

    The touch panel market is growing with diversified application markets. The rapid growth of the market also makes the standardization of touch devices more important. Xu guocheng, general manager of QSM, thinks that the era of standardization of touch...

    Release time:2018-06-29 Browse times:83

    Relationship between domestic touch productivity promotion m

    In recent years, the global touch industry has developed rapidly. With the continuous production of various capacitor screen investment projects, in 2012, it became a year that domestic touch panel manufacturers began to reap. Domestic touch panel man...

    Release time:2018-06-29 Browse times:178

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