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  • Jingmen dongbao district government, bank and enterprise act

    Release time:2019-06-06 11:31
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    【 abstract 】 on the morning of June 6, jingmen dongbao district government, bank and enterprise activity docking guests visited the company to investigate, the company's general manager zi meiyong, financial director wang jun warmly received the guests.
     Our general manager zi meiyong and financial director wang jun accompanied the guests of government, bank and enterprise in dongbao district of jingmen city to visit the factory building, workshop and production line. The general manager reported to the research group the basic situation, business situation, development environment, technological innovation and product research and development of the enterprise.
     After the visit, we will hold a discussion and exchange meeting on enterprise financing and finance in the conference room. At the meeting, some financial institutions explained the characteristics of financial products and carried out the exchange between Banks and enterprises.